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Interior Painting Tips

Our Top Interior Painting Tips:

Redecorating a room in your house is a very exciting time. It can also be somewhat daunting. Check out our simple Interior Painting Tips to ensure you get the desired look you set out for.

Wait for dry weather

The weather can greatly impact the drying of your paint. In general, if it is cold and wet outside, the paint will take longer to dry. If it is hot outside, the paint will be more difficult to apply, and again will take longer to dry.

We suggest in colder times, heat the room before painting it to dry out the air. In warmer seasons, and times of high humidity, use a fan in the room to dry out the air. Or if possible, use a dehumidifier for quick drying.

invest in high quality tools

By investing in top quality painting tools it will make your project much easier in the long run. Paint brushes and rollers are really important. Cheaper brands can lead to hairs sticking to your paint job, which can ruin the overall look. The HighTower Painting tripod system includes top quality paint brushes and rollers ensuring an end result just like the pro’s.

If you are investing in these tools make sure to take care of them. Store and clean your brushes and rollers correctly to allow you to use them again.

Do a thorough visual inspection and prep work

  • A clean wall is essential for a smooth, professional looking paint job. Use a wash cloth with soapy water to clean the walls to ensure all dust, dirt and grease is removed. After this, clean the wall with a damp cloth to remove any soap residue left. Allow the walls to dry overnight.
  • Any cracked, flaking, or peeling areas need to be lightly sanded or scraped (and then thoroughly rinsed) before applying new primer and paint.
  • Ensure to apply masking tape to any fittings and edges that can’t be removed. Apply masking tape to skirting boards, fixed shelving and around door frames and window edges.
  • Use a canvas drop cloth instead of a plastic alternative. The canvas drop cloth is more durable and will absorb any paint splatters. A plastic drop cloth can get slippery throughout the paint job as more paint gets dropped on it.

Choose a Colour

Choosing a colour is a difficult decision. First, decide on the mood you want the room to portray; Dulux Colour of the year 2019, Spiced Honey, reflects “the new positive mood of the moment”, with Pantone’s  Living Coral offering comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment. Your personal preference is the most important. Pick a colour that makes you happy!

  • If you don’t know where to start when deciding on a colour you would like to paint your wall, try pulling a colour out of a piece of art, furniture or a rug that’s in the room. This will give you ideas on complimentary colours to tie in with your room.
  • Dulux have released a very useful app to help you decide on a paint colour. This app is called Dulux Visualizer. Using an augmented reality technology, you can see the colours you choose appear on your wall instantly. This will help you narrow down your choices.
  • Decide on 3-4 potential colours. Pick up paint testers for these colours and see how they work in the room. Paint a canvas and a large square on the wall. Use the canvas to hold up against the furniture, floors, artwork, cabinets and anything else that’s already in the room to ensure they complement each other nicely.
  • The lighting in the room will change how the colour looks throughout the day. Watch how the colour changes through sunrise, daylight, sunset and at night.


I’m now retired and enjoying doing jobs around the house. HighTower made the task of painting the living room and kitchen a lot easier and at my age, made me feel safer up the ladder.

John Byrne

Wasn’t sure what to expect from the HighTower before using it but now having used it on a couple of jobs I couldn’t see myself without it. With less climbing up and down the ladder when cutting in the ceilings, HighTower definitely reduces the time spent painting.

Handyhands Donegal Painter & Decorator

Myself and my team have been using the HighTower Tripod System for the last few weeks. Very impressive bit of gear. Safe, sturdy and invaluable when cutting in ceilings on a step ladder or standing painting doors.

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