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safety on ladder

Safety on a Ladder

Health and Safety is something we pride ourselves on at HighTower. In the development of the HighTower Painting Tripod System a person’s safety on a ladder was at the forefront. We want the DIY’er at home to be safe when painting on a ladder and we feel that the HighTower Painting Tripod System maximises safety. … Continue Reading


Colour of the Year 2018

Colour Trends 2018

For our second instalment of 2018, we thought we’d jump in to give a round up of colour trends for this year from some of the industries heavy hitters. Last month we gave some advice regarding interior painting tips, so this month we thought we could provide you with some insight into selecting the right … Continue Reading


Interior Painting Tips

Interior Painting Tips

Our Top Interior Painting Tips: Redecorating a room in your house is a very exciting time. It can also be somewhat daunting. Check out our simple Interior Painting Tips to ensure you get the desired look you set out for. Wait for dry weather The weather can greatly impact the drying of your paint. In … Continue Reading


I’m now retired and enjoying doing jobs around the house. HighTower made the task of painting the living room and kitchen a lot easier and at my age, made me feel safer up the ladder.

John Byrne

Wasn’t sure what to expect from the HighTower before using it but now having used it on a couple of jobs I couldn’t see myself without it. With less climbing up and down the ladder when cutting in the ceilings, HighTower definitely reduces the time spent painting.

Handyhands Donegal Painter & Decorator

Myself and my team have been using the HighTower Tripod System for the last few weeks. Very impressive bit of gear. Safe, sturdy and invaluable when cutting in ceilings on a step ladder or standing painting doors.

Nu Look Painting & Decorating

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