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The Big Living Room Makeover Prize

What does the prize include?

So, you may be wondering what exactly our Big Living Room Makeover includes? We won’t leave you in the dark any longer. We are so excited to share the finer details of this competition, and this incredible prize worth €5,000!!

Here at HighTower, we have brought together a team of highly skilled people to make your living room makeover dream come true. From top interior designers and carpenters to 3D design experts, we have it all! So what will this amazing bunch do for you and your living room?

The Makeover:

Firstly, your living room makeover will be designed by our interior design team. This will include a full 3D design to show you the finished room plan. Cool, isn’t it? The winner will be involved in this stage of the process. This is your makeover, so we want to make sure we are making your dream a reality! We will all get together to discuss and agree on the design and the materials to be used on your living room makeover. Now that we have decided on the look and feel of your room, it is on to the next stage.

This stage includes the revamping of your room. This is when you will meet the rest of our crew! However, from this point, we are going to keep the rest of transformation a surprise.. so no peaking!! Your walls will be painted or wallpapered, depending on what we decided above. We will remove your existing floor coverings and replace this with new luxurious carpet or smooth wood flooring. This will really give your room a new lease of life. Lastly, we will add a few soft furnishings to bring it all together. This includes curtains, selection of pictures and various shelving and lighting. Are you picturing your transformed living room? Now, the wait is over! It is time for us to reveal your new living room!!!

We will be introducing each member our crew to you over the next couple of weeks. Sign up to our mailing list on our competition page and Like our Facebook Page to learn more about our team!!

How to enter:

If you haven’t entered the competition yet, don’t worry, there is still time! Head over to our competition page where we explain how to enter. It is an easy 3 step process! Make sure you are entered… you could be the lucky winner!!

This is the first of our makeover series, so keep following us for more amazing competitions coming your way!


I’m now retired and enjoying doing jobs around the house. HighTower made the task of painting the living room and kitchen a lot easier and at my age, made me feel safer up the ladder.

John Byrne

Wasn’t sure what to expect from the HighTower before using it but now having used it on a couple of jobs I couldn’t see myself without it. With less climbing up and down the ladder when cutting in the ceilings, HighTower definitely reduces the time spent painting.

Handyhands Donegal Painter & Decorator

Myself and my team have been using the HighTower Tripod System for the last few weeks. Very impressive bit of gear. Safe, sturdy and invaluable when cutting in ceilings on a step ladder or standing painting doors.

Nu Look Painting & Decorating

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